Architect Hippolyte Blanche built the small castle of Picheny in Napoleon III-style as a summer country house.

Blanche was born in Paris on 30 April 1827 and died in his summer residence in Picheny on 14 August 1894. Tomb of Blanche to visit in Paris at Père-Lachaise (division 5, chemin serré, line 2).  Blanche was  very active as architect in Paris during the time of Haussman’s renovation of Paris.

Tombe Inscription:

Ici repose Charles Hippolyte BLANCHE décédé le 14 août 1894 à l’âge de 67 ans.
Charles Victor BLANCHE architecte D.P.L.G., Officier de la Légion d’Honneur 1863-1937.
A la mémoire de Jacques BLANCHE mort au champ 
[illegible] le 23 mai 191[illegible]

Charles Hippolyte Blanche married Victoire Pauline BONVALOT (1834-1868) on 31 January 1857 and they had 7 children:

After the dead of Victoire Pauline, On 28 February 1870 Charles Hyppolyte Blanche married Marie Hélène “Aimable” PEROT on 28 February 1870.  And got 2 children:

The Blanche family owns the Picheny castle until end of 2017.